What was the Bay of Pigs?

The “Bay of Pigs” is an inlet of the Gulf Cazones, which is located on the southern coast of Cuba. The Bay of Pigs was the location of a the unsuccessful US invasion of Cuba, which took place on the 17th of April, 1961.  The aim of the invasion was to overthrow Fidel Castro, who had taken significant steps in reducing American influence in Cuba, after he had rose to power after the Cuban Revolution. During the Cuban Revolution, Castro had overthrown Fulgencio Batista, an American-backed president. The CIA had had trained and armed 1511 Cuban exiles (who were living in the US) for the invasion, who would be part of Brigade 2506. The CIA had intended to keep this invasion secret, however word eventually got out. The invasion plan was to destroy the Cuban air force with airstrikes and then the soldiers and paratroopers of Brigade 2056 would be deployed. However the invasion went horribly wrong; the airstrikes were unsuccessful so the Cuban air force was not fully destroyed, the US forces took too long to unload their weapons and ammunition, resulting in the sinking of their ships by the Cuban air force. The soldiers of Brigade 2506 were heavily outnumbered and running low on ammunition, therefore they tried to retreat, only to be captured and put into prison. Brigade 2506 had suffered 400 fatalities. In exchange for the 1100 P.O.W’s, various private donors in the US had accumulated $US 53 million worth of food and medicine. The Bay of Pigs invasion was a terrible embarrassment for the CIA and the US government, making them look weak and incompetent.


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    Very informative post. This is a topic that previously, I did not know that much about. Thanks for sharing!

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