Who were the Lombards?

The Lombards were a Germanic tribe. The Lombards were thought to have originated on an island in the Baltic Sea. The Lombards moved into Germany in the last century B.C. and continued to move gradually southwards. By 500 A.D. the Lombards had settled in present-day Austria. The Lombards controlled most of Italy from 568 A.D. until the mid 700s, they posed a very serious threat to the Papal supremacy. In A.D. 754, Pope Stephen the 2nd appealed to the powerful Franks for help, as he felt threatened by the Lombardi presence. The Franks, who were ruled by Pepin the Short (714-768, son of Charlemagne), were able to defeat the Lombards. After the defeat of the Lombards, Charlemagne took title of “King of the Lombards”.


Daufer of the Lombards

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