Who were the Vandals?

The Vandals were a tribe of Germanic people who originated in modern day Scandinavia (an area south of the Baltic Sea). The Vandals had moved into the southern region of present-day Poland in 100 A.D. Eventually they were threatened by the Huns, which subsequently caused them to move westward late in the 4th century. In the early 500s the Vandals had overran Spain, Northern Africa and Gaul (France), they then settled in North Africa. The powerful king Genseric (389-477) had ruled the Vandals between the years of 428 and 477. After conquering settlements and cities, the Vandals would rampage so thoroughly through peoples possessions, that the word “vandal” was then used to describe anyone who willfully destroys property that is not theirs. The Vandals were defeated in A.D. 533 and A.D. 534 by the numerous armies of the Byzantine Empire.



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