Who was General Georgy Zhukov?

General Georgy Zhukov (Born 1896) led the Soviet army to their final victory over the Germans with the occupation of Berlin. Zhukov gained more and more power when he was put in charge of the defense of Moscow against the invading Nazi army. After the threat in Moscow had been lifted, Zhukov began to push the Germans back. Zhukov led the final assault on Berlin in 1945, staying in Germany to lead the Soviet occupation of East Germany. In 1946, Zhukov returned to the Soviet Union as a hero, however Stalin was jealous of Zhukov’s popularity, therefore he sent Zhukov away from Moscow. After the death of Stalin in 1953, Zhukov returned to Moscow and was made the deputy leader of the ministry of defense, becoming a leading member of the ruling Communist Party. Zhukov died in 1974.


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