Who was Franz Kafka?

Franz Kafka was a writer of novels and short stories born on the 3rd of July into a German speaking family of middle class in Prague, Bohemia. Kafka is now regarded as one of the major figures of 20th century literature, though many of his works were not published until after he died. His notable works include “The metamorphosis”, “The judgement”, “Contemplation” and more. Franz was the eldest of the six children which included his two brothers who died at birth and his three sisters. His relationship with his father was a troubled one as his father’s success had a huge influence on his behavior in the house, and his mother took no real notice of Franz’s interests. Kafka started studying chemistry but switched to law after two weeks. This pleased his father as it would give Franz a great opportunity for success. Kafka completed his law degree in 1906 and did a year of unpaid service as a law clerk. After that, he started working for an insurance agency. However, Franz soon left the job as it consisted of tiring hours and left no time for writing, which Kafka was committed to. Kafka then found a job at a worker’s insurance agency, which he was very happy with. He stayed there until 1917, when he started having problems with tuberculosis. Kafka dealt with a lot of mental health issues throughout his whole life including anxiety and depression, and it greatly affected his relationships, particularly with women. He had two serious relationships, one with a woman named Felice Bauer, to whom he was engaged twice, though they never married. He also fell in love with a woman named Dora Dymant, with whom he spent the remainder of his years with as she stayed with him through his sickness. Kafka was described to be “tortured by his sexual desires” by his good friend Max Brod, a man he met while studying law and continued to be friends with for the rest of his life. Before dying, Kafka instructed Brod to burn the remainder of his unpublished works, to which Brod refused and had the works published after Kafka’s death, which led to Kafka’s great success. Kafka died without having any children. However, the literary works he left behind as well as the vision and belief he put into those works went on to inspire many writers and leave him his legacy.



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