What was the Kingdom of Kush?

The Kingdom of Kush was an ancient African civilization. The Kingdom of Kush is often referred to as Nubia, as it had close ties with the Ancient Egyptian empire.

Where was the Kingdom of Kush located?

The Kingdom of Kush was located in Northeast Africa, just south of Ancient Egypt. The Kush’s main cities were located along the Nile River, the White Nile River and the Blue Nile River. The Land of Kush is located in the modern day country of Sudan.

How long did the Kingdom of Kush rule?

The Kingdom of Kush lasted for around 1400 years, first established in 1070 BCE after gaining independence from Egypt. The Kingdom of Kush took control of Egypt in 727 BCE, they ruled Egypt until the Assyrians arrived. The Kush empire began to deteriorate and weaken after the Romans conquered Egypt. The Kush empire collapsed during sometime in the 300’s CE.

Culture of Kush

Besides the Pharaoh and the ruling class, the priests were the most superior class in the Kush Kingdom. The priests communicated with the Gods and laid out the laws. Below the priests were the scribes and artisans. The Artisans worked with iron and gold, which was an important part of the Kushite economy. The food was provided by the farmers, who were well respected as the Kush people were very grateful to their food suppliers. The servants, laborers and slaves were at the bottom of the Kush class system.

Similar to the Egyptian culture, religion played an integral part in the lives of ordinary Kushites. Kushites strongly believed in the afterlife. The Kush Kingdom was one of the few ancient kingdoms where Women played important roles in society. Many of the Kush empire’s leaders were queens.


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