Who was Mary Antoinette- Extended Version 

Mary Antoinette was the queen of France during its most troubled years. Antoinette was born on the 2nd of November , 1775. Antoinette’s parents were Maria Theresa and Emperor Francis I of Austria. Antoinette was married to the crown prince of France when she was just 15years old . After the death of Antoinette’s father in law , the crown prince had become King Louis XVI, making Mary Antoinette the Queen of France.

Mary Antoinette was a pleasure-seeking woman, squandering her fortunes on various luxuries. During her reign, unrest grew rapidly among the lower classes and peasants. However , Antoinette had a very basic understanding and almost no sympathy for the common people. For instance, after she was told that the peasants had no bread she replied haughtily “Then let them eat cake!”

Mary Antoinette further angered people by interfering in state affairs, as the people she liked were given high positions in the government. Officials whom Antoinette disliked were removed from their posts. Most of the French public believed that Antoinette’s loyalty was to her native Austria, thus they scornfully called her “The Austrian”.

The anger of the French people grew worse and worse each day, eventually resulting in the French Revolution. The palace at Versailles was stormed by angry mobs in October of 1789, the royal family was moved to Paris. The family disguised as commoners and tried to flee, however they were captured and put under strict guard. In August, 1792, the palace was attacked by French patriots demanding the royal families arrest. King Louis XVI was beheaded on the 21st of January, 1793. The following October, Antoinette was charged with treason and was brought before a revolutionary tribunal, the new French government treated her like a commoner and called her the “Widow Capet”. Antoinette was sent to the guillotine on the 16th of October 1793.

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