What is the Versailles treaty?

The Treaty of the Versailles is known as the most important treaty during the first world war, this is because it brought the war to an end. The treaty was signed on the 28th of June 1919, ending the the war between the triple Entente and the Central Powers.

The key terms of the Versailles treaty were;

  • The surrender of all the German colonies
  • The Demilitarization of the Rhineland
  • A ban on the union of Germany and Austria
  • An acceptance of Germany’s guilt in causing the war
  • A Provision for the trial of the former Kaiser of Germany and the other important German leaders
  • The Germans to pay 6,600 million Euros in reparations
  • The German army to be limited to 100,000 men; no tanks, no heavy artillery, no poison-gas, no aircraft and no airships
  • The limitation of the German navy to vessels under 90,718 tonnes, with no submarines



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