What is the butterfly effect?

The butterfly effect is a concept that explains how small events often lead to much bigger events. This concept has been explored throughout pop culture, such as in the movie the butterfly effect, and the sequels accompanying it. It has also been used by meteorologists as a method of weather prediction.

It was named through an example of the concept:
A butterfly on one side of the world flapped its wings, and weeks later, on the other side of the world, a tornado occurred. The idea is that the butterfly flapped its wings, and just by doing this, it created a tornado on the other side of the world through the small movement of its own wings.

There are many astounding real life examples of the butterfly effect, such as: In January, 1894, a German priest was walking past a local river. The priest saw a young boy struggling to stay afloat in the river, so he jumped in and pulled the boy out, saving his life. The boy’s name was Adolf Hitler. By saving Hitler’s life, the priest changed the world without even knowing it.



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